3 of Japan’s Most Interesting Islands To Visit

When you want to get off the mainland of Japan and spark something interesting that isn’t going to financially cripple you, there are plenty of islands with fascinating things to see and do. Here are just 3 of the top islands we recommend visiting if you want to do something out of the normal on your trip to Japan.


Hashima/Gunkanjima (Battleship Island)

Gunkanjima is about 20 kilometres from the port of Nagasaki, and until 1974 was a coal mine. There were over 5000 people living there at the time, which made for a dense population due to the island’s size. As accomodations were made to suit the large amount of people, Hashima began to look like a battleship, which is how it earned the name Gunkanjima.


After the mine closed in 1974, the island was abandoned, but left with all the buildings still standing. Weather has caused the buildings to deteriorate, and is what gives Gunkanjima its creepy atmosphere.


You can take sightseeing tours by boat, and visit three observation decks while being led by a guide. The island is incredibly eerie, and is a must for those who like visiting haunting places. Look out for spiders and cockroaches!


Okunoshima (Rabbit Island)

Despite the awful history of this island (it was the site of a poison gas factory in the 20s, secret tests with chemical warfare in WWII), it’s a much more pleasant place to visit nowadays, because of the rabbits that call it home!


There are absolutely hundreds of bunnies here, who have flourished thanks to the lack of predators. They’re not scared of people; in fact, if you buy a bag of rabbit food from the ferry station, you’ll be swamped by rabbits! Being covered in bunnies makes for a photo you’ll treasure the rest of your life.


Keep in mind that the rabbits do have bad eyes, so be careful when feeding them so you don’t accidentally get bitten.



Naoshima is an art-lover’s dream! There’s incredible sculptures and architecture, as well as modern art museums.


It’s got lovely weather and beaches and an almost Mediterranean feel; the island is very laid back and is a nice escape from the busy areas like Osaka and Kyoto.


Naoshima is also the Setouchi Triennale art festival’s main venue, and with good reason! The many sculptures and wonderful architecture make for fantastic photos.


There are so many more islands to explore, each with their own unique qualities and environments, but these 3 are our picks for islands with something special to offer!

Interesting Travel Spots You Shouldn’t Miss When You Go To Bali, Indonesia

The charm of Bali always makes travellers interested in exploring every corner. Some of the most iconic landmarks and landscapes in the world are here. It is truly a magical island with a lot of ancient sites, natural beauty, and many temples.

If you are planning to visit the island anytime soon, here are some interesting travel spots you should not miss:

Uluwatu Temple

This spectacular sea temple in Bali is located on a tall cliff on the southwestern part of Bukit peninsula. Enjoy the picturesque view during the day from over the temple’s walls and cliff boarders. In the afternoon, wait for the most dramatic sunsets for an exotic backdrop.

Bali TempleTanah Lot Temple

Positioned on top of a rock and surrounded by waves of the open sea, the Tanah Lot Temple is an iconic location during the day especially during sunset when the sun creates a picturesque surrounding. This part of the island has the most iconic temples.

Ubud Art Market

This is the place to go if you want to see the traditional market and shopping destinations in Ubud. A known landmark in central Ubud, the market has hundreds of small shops who a variety of items such as silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, hats, kites, baskets, and a range of handcrafted goods that are popular in the area. You may even feel that you know the place especially if you have watched Julia Roberts movie “Eat Pray Love” where she was seen strolling through the stalls.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

The village of Tegallalang is located up north from the main Ubud centre. Aside from enjoying the view up from the rice terraces, you can also make friends with the local farmers and go down the trail through the rice fields and greet the farmers and enjoy the paddies at the same time.

Travel Guide: Interesting Places and Great Sight Seeing Locations In Scotland

travel guide scotlandLooking for a memorable vacation or weekend break that is full of cultural experiences and historical attractions? Why not visit Scotland? The country ranks high on the list of great places in the UK not just because it is a small country with just about five million people, but also because of the interesting places and great sightseeing opportunities you can there.

Here are some of the places to visit in Scotland.


If you are only visiting one city in the country, then choose Edinburgh. This city is the capital of Scotland and is the home to well-preserved architecture from different periods of history. Much of the city was built in the 18th century. A tour to the city will include wandering the beautiful Georgian townhomes and visiting the Grassmarket where you will find elegant pedestrian-friendly public square which is the home of the known shop, cafes, and galleries in the city.


Glasgow has from the last few decades transformed itself as a major European cultural center with the use of its art galleries, museums, and festivals. Tourists can explore the city on foot and find great parks with friendly locals. Visit the famous Glasgow cathedral and Glasgow School of Art while there.

Scottish Highlands

Be at awe once you visit the magnificent Scottish Highlands. From the gorgeous Inverness to John O’Groats in the north, the place is truly outstanding. A perfect place for a romantic getaway. It has served as the backdrop to famous movies and the hit TV series, Outlander.

Travel and Leisure – Top Destinations To Travel In The World

travel and leisureFor those who are searching for a great travel destination to take their next vacation, here is our list of the top destination for 2018:


Most knows the Fiji has some of the best scenery in the world – with its powdery beaches and crystalline blue waters and magnificent colourful reef, added with its unique coastlines covered in greenery. Fiji islands bring that atmosphere of a perfect tropical holiday.

The islands’ also has new luxury accommodations such as the exclusive, family-owned Kokomo Private Island Resort, luxury ante Six Senses which debuts on Malolo Island. Another hotel that recently opened is Nihi Fiji from hotelier James McBride and Christopher Burch, the same creator of Nihi Suma Island. A trip to this island destination can turn dreams into reality

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is set to prove to be full-fledged destination as the Sawmill District is being revived back to being the creative centre it used to be. This and the upcoming Hotel Chaco will gain more visitors to tour the country. Come spring, ABQ will also have the upcoming new entertainment hub, the One Central which cost $40 million to make.

The city also has upscale stores and restaurants and visitors will enjoy seeing the annual hot-air-balloon festival as well as the beautiful Sandia Mountains.

This coming fall expects to experience the proposed Mountain Coater, an alpine sled-style ride that will make riders plunge down the mountainside in a 380 feet vertical drop.

It is also easy to get to Albuquerque and this is because of the flights from U.S. cities via Southwest, Alaska Airlines and United.

Family Holiday Destinations – Best Places To Travel With Small Kids

family holiday destinationsPlanning a family getaway? If you are looking for the best places to go with the small kids, here is our list:

The West Midlands, England

The Midlands in England may not be the top choice for a family holiday in the United Kingdom, but it sure does offer a lot of places to go with children. When in West Midlands, you and your kids can go to the Safari park, the Black County Living Museum in Dudley, Birmingham, and Derby.

Puglia, Italy

Puglia is a great location for a family holiday in Italy. There is no end to its pristine beaches and the Salento peninsula is just one highlight you should not miss. Otranto has also its big castle that makes it friendly for families. The countryside also is charming with its fairy-tale Trulli, which is pint-size limestone homes with cone for roofs.

Brittany, France

Brittany in France offers everything you ever wanted in a great vacation. Beautiful seaside resorts that will cater to your small kids. If it is your first time in Britany, base yourself and your family in St-Malo, where outstanding beaches are present with old walled towns. For older kids and adults, they can also go windsurfing or catamaran sailing.

Florida, USA

And, if you truly want a great adventure for your kids, Florida in America should be on your top list. Orlando is the home of theme parks. If you go to the Northeast, you and your family can visit the Daytona beach or head to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. If you want your kids to be fascinated by the wilderness, head to the Everglades National Park or head up the coast to Tampa Bay for a great swim.

Sports Holiday Destinations For Sports Enthusiasts

sports holiday destinationsDo you enjoy travelling around major sporting events? There are exciting travel destinations where you can enjoy a particular sport. Here are some of the countries where you can watch and join your favourite sports:


The Spanish are great ball strategist and if you wish to join them on their next boot camp and learn more about how they play football and even basketball, then why not? You can also join them during the San Fermin Festival where you can run with the bulls and enjoy a party after.


Whether you want to go to England for an intensive coaching trip, or just experience the sporting culture, visiting the country will allow you to join the different sports available to them such as rugby, cricket, hockey, football, tennis, and so on.

If you want to watch England at the Rugby World Cup next year, why not have it booked so that you can prepare a sporting holiday worth remembering?

Abu Dhabi

You will never get bored while in Abu Dhabi as you can go ice skating, play golf, or enjoy a number of water sports. If you love spectator sports, you will find that the UAE has its own football league. The country also has its own exhibition matches from overseas teams, which you can watch at Zayed Sports City.

If you are interested in watching Cricket, you can watch the international championship matches at the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium. There are also camel racing, horse racing and show jumping that you should not miss.

Remote Travel Destinations To Consider For Your Next Vacation

remove travel destinationsDo you feel like life is getting out of hand and you simply need a breather? Then it’s high time you take a step back and spend time with yourself to regain composure and re-charge to tackle all this and more. How about travelling to an isolated travel destination to get away from the busy daily routine?

Check out some of the remote vacation spots that will give you the ultimate relaxation you need.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs’ natural rugged desert terrain has tons of things to offer. There’s more to this Australian outback than meets the eye. It is not the most isolated place in Australia but the nearest major city or town is about a 17-hour drive away. It would be better to hire a guide if you want to explore Alice Springs’ natural beauty, its flora and fauna.

Other than that, Alice Springs also offers outstanding galleries featuring Indigenous art and excellent museums. This place also provides great dining options to tourists, featuring a wide sampling of local cuisines. There are also a wide array of accommodations and of course travel connections.

Easter Island

There are only a handful of places in the world possessing a mystical pull, and one of those is the tiny speck of land in one of the most isolated spots on the planet—Easter Island or Rapa Nui to the locals. Known for the Moai or the enormous logic-defying head sculptures on Earth, you’d hardly feel that this island is connected to Chile, being more than 3700 kilometres away to the east.

Emanating a mysterious magnetic vibe, Easter Island is a dream come true for travellers seeking for some peace and quiet.

It may seem like a challenging task to get to these places, but the travel will all be worth it as soon as you take in its breath-taking savage beauty, its rich culture and loads of isolation.